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Teaching at Gotham Writers Workshop


I’m heading to the end of my second year at Gotham Writers Workshop. I teach Humor Writing (I & II), Creative Writing and Character Development in 1-Day Intensives and weekly workshops.  I also teach FREE classes for Gotham in Brooklyn, NYC and last summer in Bryant Park! (That’s me and Gotham’s president Alex Steele in the park last July.)

Being a part of the Gotham “family” is a very satisfying experience for me.  At this “job” I get to meet, to know, to teach and hopefully inspire a bevvy of new writers while being supported by the Gotham infrastructure. Not to mention that it’s a big part of my job to teach people to be funny — a total BLAST!

Not only do I love teaching there – but I’ve met hundreds of wonderful students/people, forming lasting relationships with many.

What’s Coming Up in 2017 for me at GWW

Take my 10 week class: Fiction Writing Level 1 – beginning JULY 10TH


Take my 6-week class: Creative Writing 101 beginning JULY 10

Not on the Gotham site, yet, but I’ll be teaching an One-Day Intensive Humor Writing class sometime this summer.

Check out what my former students have said about me in the anonymous Course Evaluations that Gotham sends out…

Would you recommend this class to a friend?


“I would highly recommend this teacher and this class.”


What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

“Nelsie was amazing in her planning for the courses and for her engagement of the class. Wildly disparate in our styles and temperaments, and she brought out the best in all of us.”

“Nelsie was terrific. …her enthusiasm, knowledge, and humor along with the constant writing exercises made this class genuinely worthwhile. Great job!”

I really liked Nelsie. She is very nice and gave us lots of examples for how to make our writing funnier.

…great insights from the teacher, with her fabulous ideas on how to make things funnier.

“…very professional, knowledgeable and of course, very funny. I liked the real world/candid advice that was given along with the presentation of the course materials.”

“Nelsie was a smart and witty instructor who offered up great ideas and conveyed solid principles about writing in general and humor writing in particular.“

“It was like we all [had] known each other for a long time. People were very connected, and Nelsie [was] as well.”

“The exercises were helpful and Nelsie did a great job explaining the concepts.”

“Fun. Supportive. …Helps you to stay on task and grow as a writer. Nelsie created a safe environment for everyone and gave very useful feedback.


What did you like least about the course and/or the instructor?

“Nothing bad, just good reviews about this course!”

At 10 weeks, it was too short – we were all finally hitting our stride, but the course was over.


How would you describe this course to a friend?

“This [course] added a whole new level to my writing. I traveled from Lancaster [Pennsylvania to NYC] to attend and it was more than worth it.”

“Supportive, warm, experienced, knowledgeable. Helpful, engaging, fun, gets you motivated.”

An excellent way to learn how to infuse humor into your writing.”

“A great self-journey that just happens to be taken with strangers who become friends and confidants.”

“It was my very first time taking a writing class of any kind… it was a wonderful introduction and was also challenging in the right kind of way.“

“Great instructor [who] goes over principles of good humor writing and gives students the opportunity to try out ideas and put them out there…[where they can] get encouragement and constructive criticism.”

“The BEST humor writing class!”