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At a recent workshop, I helped writers polish up their writing skills.
“Nelsie Spencer’s talk, The Writer’s Journey, was a complete success. Her giving spirit poured into my students and our film-making community. The personalized notes and continued discourse with each student was a joy to watch! And her mastery of the craft was gift to the students.” – – Steve Snediker, Assistant Professor of Cinema, John Brown University


I love writers! And I enjoy sharing all the knowledge I’ve gathered about the craft, disapline and the business of writing throughout my 30 plus years in the “biz” of film, theatre and publishing.  Whether I am speaking to actors who wish to create their own vehicle, film students learning the craft of screenwriting, English majors, or a book club, my background as an actor and stand-up comic makes me an entertaining and engaging storyteller. (All my talks end with a Q&A session.)

In A Writer’s Journey I walk the audience through my metamorphosis from actor to playwright, to stand-up comic, to novelist, teacher and award-winning filmmaker. I share what I learned about writing and the business of writing during all those different incarnations and how all those experiences and ‘lives’ inform the writer I am today.

In Beating the Devil on Your Shoulder I help the writer tackle writer’s block, procrastination, and the “devil’ on your shoulder that is always there ready to criticize your work or tell you why writing is a waste of time.  Using my own experience and time-tested tools I help the writer beat that devil, create attainable and reasonable schedulels and deadlines and – not only FINISH that screenplay, novel, memoir or puppet show – I help to make the writing process fun!

In Life on the Indie Trail I share my five year journey on the road to making the indie film Valley Inn; (which I co-wrote with director/producer and friend Kim Swink) from the idea for the film, to the outline for the script, to the first draft of the screenplay, and all the way through raising money, shooting the movie in Arkansas and include my experience on the ‘film festival circuit’.

A Lifetime of Reinvention is really the how’s and why’s of my Kafka-esque career. From dancer, to actor, to playwright, to…. well, I can’t give it all away. But, the reality is that I am no longer such an anomoly. The days of one job for several decades and a gold watch at the end of it all are long-gone. My experience has been that reinvention can be more than a survival technique, it can be a wonderful, exciting journey!

Don’t see a talk here that addresses your topic or is right for your group? Email me and tell me what you’d like and – with my diverse career and 3 decades of great stories that have taught me so much – I am sure we can find a talk that will work for us both.

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