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Nelsie gets to the point and does it in a clear and very supportive manner! She sees the big picture, and the little snapshots that get you there.”  – – Connie Shulman, Memoirist, Actor, (Orange is the New Black) 

When I was writing my novel, The Playgroup, I  was lucky enough to find Lou Stanek, a professor at The New School who also worked one-on-one as a writing coach.  I came to Lou with most of my novel in my head and very little on the page. She (yes, Lou was a woman) and I immediately began working weekly. I’d go home and write between 5 and 10 pages, come to her and read them aloud. She’d give me notes, I’d go home and make the changes and write more pages.

Thanks to the consistency, focus, accountability and support I got from Lou every week, I wrote my novel.  Thanks to Lou The Playgroup  was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2003.

Since 2006 I’ve taken everything that I learned from Lou and from many other sources and experiences in my long writing career, and applied it to working with other writers as a coach.  It is truly one of my favorite ways to help writers. As a Writing Coach I am one part task-master, one part teacher, two parts cheerleader, and three parts mentor. As your Writing Coach I will help you…

  • Set a schedule
  • Keep to that schedule
  • Create deadlines
  • Make those deadlines

How will working with me as a writing coach help you?

  • Satisfaction – The writing process becomes much more satisfying for the writer when working with a coach as you are no longer working in a void. With weekly sessions you get to hear what’s working and what’s not. And I will help you and guide to fix the sticky parts. No more meandering along not knowing whether the story in your head is ending up on the page.
  • Fun! – I love writers! It is exciting for me watching the story emerge and witnessing my writers’ talents emerge.  I get excited and energized and my excitement and energy is contagious.  Weekly you’ll hear me say things like, “I loved the way you (fill in the blank)” Or, “I laughed out loud on the (fill in the blank) line!”   You get the drift.
  • Productivity – The pages pile up. In most cases the writer’s output increases dramatically. The writer knows they will be meeting with me weekly (“Yikes! I’m seeing Nelsie tomorrow, I’d better get writing!”) so they MAKE the time to write.

In short, working with me as a Writing coach = more pages, more satisfaction and more fun!

“Nelsie is an amazing writing coach… I am a very new writer, and was nervous prior to our first session. That wore off after talking with her for two minutes. She is honest, encouraging and beyond inspirational…  She “gets” me, my humor, and knows exactly what to say to convey her points.  She knew from day one the direction I wanted to take with my memoir, and she is helping me do exactly that… guiding me along this journey. And I am having so much fun!” — Jennifer Bailey

Coaching Sessions

I offer one-hour coaching sessions every week with a minimum 5 week commitment. Clients read their pages out loud and receive immediate feedback and suggestions regarding plot, structure, and arc. My tools, rules, and tips help you deal with and conquer procrastination, self-doubt, and confusion about how best to proceed. Not only that, text me anytime day or night to let me know you’re writing.

Sessions are available in person, over the phone, or through Skype™

Coaching Fees


Email Nelsie with your location and best days and times for your FREE 20 minute session, and whether you prefer phone or Skype.


Free 20-Minute Session

6 or 12 Session Package

$300 OFF

2 Hr. Story Session

$50 OFF

16 or 24 Session Package

$300 OFF

2-hour Story Sessions help clients who are struggling with getting a handle on their story arc, direction, plot, etc.  I help the writer/performer discover or uncover the main conflict, the themes. Sometimes a writer needs help discovering what genre might best serve the story; screenplay, play, novel or memoir or One-Person Show. A story session usually leads to weekly writing coaching sessions.

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