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I love my job! And I’m so blessed to have worked with so many talented, funny, hardworking and generous people as a teacher, editor, writer, mentor, etc. I have learned so much from each and every one of them. And the good news? They really like me too! Here are some thoughts about my work from some of my clients, many of whom have become good friends along the way.


“I truly appreciate all the support you’ve given my project. All the work I have done with you has been so beneficial and I couldn’t have gotten to this point without you. Your ability to connect with me and see value in my process is something for which I’m beyond grateful. The time and lessons shared will carry me forward. ” – – Natalie Johnson, Dancer, Performer   


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“Nelsie gets to the point and does it in a clear and very supportive manner! She sees the big picture, and the little snapshots that get you there.” 

 – – Connie Shulman, Memoirist, Actor, (Orange is the New Black)


“Nelsie critiqued my work so intricately and with insightful comments on each sentence, paragraph and overall concept.  She made me feel so comfortable with revealing my creative self to her and most importantly, not being afraid of putting the “real me” on the page. All of her suggestions were dead on and actually inspired me to dive into the next chapters. I am very excited to work with her and definitely believe she’ll be a positive, integral force regarding the assured success of my novel.”  

– – Jeanne  Souders, Novelist, Journalist – Nola Woman



Nelsie’s Round Table was the ONLY way my book could have been written. My book idea had been swirling in my head for years until I mat Nelsie.  Nelsie and The Round Table group forced me (in only positive ways) to produce pages each week. It kept me on task and helped me to become a better writer. I went from doubtful to determined, from fear to the finish line. Thank you Nelsie Spencer!  

– – Amy, A girl from Jersey with a dollar and a dream



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“Nelsie is an amazing writing coach. Words can’t truly explain how much she has helped me, but I’ll try… I am a very new writer, and was nervous prior to our first session. That wore off after talking with her for two minutes. She is honest, encouraging and beyond inspirational.  I can’t believe how much she has taught me so far. She “gets” me, my humor, and knows exactly what to say to convey her points.  She knew from day one the direction I wanted to take with my memoir, and she is helping me do exactly that… guiding me along this journey. And I am having so much fun!  She has taught me how to improve my writing and bring who I am – my ‘voice’ –  to the page. I have learned more from Nelsie in a short period of time than I ever imagined possible. After only one session I was so excited that I rewrote a chapter and then asked my best friend to re-read it. Here’s what she told me: Its like night and day. One hundred times better. I didn’t want to put in down.Your writing coach is awesome!”  

– – Jennifer Bailey, Memoirist



“Nelsie is such an inspiration. She has this magical ability to stir up the writer inside us all, and breathe life back into our stories. After just one session, I was so inspired, I immediately wanted to jump back into writing a story that had long since felt inspirationally dead to me. Now I am on the verge of making the script into a short film. Thank you Nelsie.” 

– – Angela Morse, Screenwriter, Filmmaker


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“Nelsie Spencer, what an amazing lady she is… I came to her to have her help me write my life story, Dig My Hole, Lift My Face.  She has a gift, straight from God, to put your story on paper and make you feel very special while she’s doing it.  She sees the scene from two or three words that I tell her.  I don’t know how she does it!  She has given me so much more than I expected.   It’s almost like she’s psychic! “

– – Bettye Ann Freeman,  Fine Artist, Writer

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“Nelsie has a rare gift for unveiling the story that you are burning to tell and the one others will want to read. She listens for clues, and connects the dots until the strongest themes emerge. What I’ve been able to accomplish with Nelsie in a short time is not only invaluable to me as a new writer, it’s the equivalent of 10 years of therapy –  Except in the end, I’ll have written a memoir. I’m afraid to sing all my praises, because I don’t want to share her…” 

– – Petra – Retired Pop Star, Monologist, Memoirist


“There are so many reasons not to pursue your dreams —especially after you’ve tried and failed. But if you want to believe in yourself again, believe in your capacity to write that dream manuscript, you need to take this class. Nelsie’s Round Table is a powerful tool of personal enlightenment. It is a positive group of people that are there to inspire you to be the writer that you believe in your heart that you can be.” 

– – Claude-Robert Policart, Sci Fi Novelist, Artisit – Claude’s website



“Nelsie’s Round Table… got my creative juices flowing.  Hearing the other writers share their work is quite moving and inspirational.  I can feel the support and it has inspired me to commit to really doing it.  Nelsie’s insights and guidance help me get clear about my next steps so moving forward is starting to feel easy rather than overwhelming.  …a whole new chapter (pun intended) is opening up for me thanks to Nelsie and her Round Table.”

– – Carsten Spencer, Playwright, – Carsten’s website



“Nelsie’s Round Table is exactly what she promised … a place for inspiration, community and motivation… three things that are very hard to access by yourself sometimes.  It’s often difficult  to put aside the time, or to value my story or the way I tell it.  Yet, every time I am in on our ’round table’ , I hear something in someone else’s piece that helps me stay motivated, or helps know  how to approach a particular piece.  It is an eclectic group of talented people all of whom create a very safe and encouraging environment that keeps me going.  More that – after every session I am eager to get back to my story and tell it, because I think if they can, then I can! It helps me visualize and ‘see’ an audience for my piece…..cuz they are on the phone every week, eager to hear what I’ve got to say.”                  

– – Orlagh Cassidy, Actor, Memoirist – Orlagh’s website



“Nelsie Spencer has a knack for zeroing in on the heart of a piece—whatever the genre—and helping you figure out how to make it work. Her notes are always spot-on; she can do everything from brainstorming “story sessions” to line edits. (What I like to call the forest and the trees.) More important than any of her technical skills is her energy. Nelsie brings such enthusiasm to her work; such a genuine love of writing and writers, that I don’t think it’s possible to work with her without coming away feeling more confident about yourself as a writer. She’s been there. She knows all the self-sabotaging tricks, all those nasty things the ‘devil on your shoulder’ tells you—and she teaches you how to send them packing. I’ve written more since I started working with Nelsie than I had in the previous five years!”

– – Jodi Lustig – Playwright, TV Writer, Blogger, etc. – Jodi’s Twitter page 



“Nelsie, I will never be able to thank you enough, You have taught me so well. If my story has excitement, if Valerie sounds like a real girl, if my language isn’t clunky…. it’s due largely to your smart input and consistent encouragement.”

– – Beth Grossman, author of The Light Behind the Clouds, YA historical fiction



“I’ve been well guided, deftly steered away from bad habits (like procrastination — she really manages that one) and given a mother lode of sharp insights. Her help has been invaluable.”   

– – Paula Evans, Screenwriter



“I’m a musician, damn it, not a writer! But Nelsie showed me that maybe I can write. She’s an incredibly intuitive, interested, and most importantly, inspiring teacher.”  

– – Scott Healy, Musician, (Basic Cable Band, Conan) Grammy Nominee & Screenwriter – Scott’s website


“Nelsie is insightful and inspirational! Working with her has helped me to develop some structure and some work habits — and to think more deeply about the project. I feel that the dusty pile of papers on my desk into a living, breathing part of my life and I know that something will emerge. Thank you, Nelsie!”

 – – Faye Schneier, Playwright



“Nelsie is a great midwife of your innermost voice. She’ll help you bring it into the world, shape form of the formless, in a magical and seamless way and reintroduce you to who you really are. thank you, Nelsie!”

– – Erik Liberman, Writer/Actor – Erik’s website  


“The biggest thing I walked away with is a deeper appreciation of the potency and incredible strength inherent in each of our own stories. The sense of community in the class was truly special. I could not have envisioned a more supportive environment to explore my own voice and what I have to say.”

– – Alex Birnie, Actor, Singer


“It was a total gift in my life to have met Nelsie. Her workshop was a phenomenal experience. She is shrewd, delightful and compassionate. She is able to get inside the performer and sense what the story is that they want to tell, and she knows how to support your delivery of that story. …Nelsie was able to embrace exactly who I am. The work was very fulfilling and empowering. I loved the whole experience! I’m never going to stop!”

– – Wendy  Luck, Performer, Musician – Wendy’s website  


“What can I tell you about Nelsie? She’s wonderful! The class — fantastic! I came the the class [the writing workshop for actors] on a whim because the only writing I’d ever done before was poetry.  Nelsie showed me, in a very gently way, how I was removed from my writing. Each week she guided me in many different ways, towards writing in m own voice; writing the way I talk. Nelsie gave me the gift to write, and it is a true blessing!”

– – Carolyn’s website Mignini, Actor, Writer  – Carolyn’s website 


 “I had never done anything like Nelsie’s workshop before in my life. And the whole experience was transformative. And listening to other class members’ lives and their stories was transcendent. Nelsie just has a real gift for pulling out your authentic self, who you really are, and bringing out your story into a very clear picture so that others can learn from it, learn from your journey. I would highly recommend anyone taking Nelsie’s workshop.  I learned a lot and I had a really great time!”

– – Stephanie McKay, Singer, Songwriter and Writer –  Stephanie’s website


“If anyone is considering writing a solo show, and even if you don’t really know what you want to say in it, Nelsie is you gal!  People came to the class with just a tiny kernel of something and over the weeks developed it into something viable. She just has such a gift. I have a show that I’ve done, that I was completely reworking, and she took me to areas that I NEVER could’ve gone to on my own.  If you’re thinking about it — just jump in!”

– – Mary McDonald Hamill, Actor, Writer – Mary’s website

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