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“The author’s comedic background comes shining through. The writing is funny. Ellie’s lines are delivered perfectly!”   

— Library Journal

“Spencer deftly chronicles a study of attraction, lies and self destruction…”    

Publisher’s Weekly

“The Playgroup is Bridget Jones’s Diary meets The Nanny Diaries for the Upper Westside mom.”   

  — Ally Sheedy, Actor

“The Playgroup takes up where The Nanny Diaries left off.”    

Kirkus Review

“Spencer has achieved something very difficult.  She has written a commercial book and a smart book.  Ellie is…both brazen and vulnerable. 

Ellen Pall, Author


Amazon Reviews:

starstarstarstarstarA Great Beach Read that makes you think!

Nelsie Spencer’s first novel starts off light and funny — in fact the opening page is a great bit about why there are no whorehouses for women — then quickly takes you somewhere darker and more interesting. I loved Ellie! It was so gratifying to read a book with a lead character that is funny and flawed and ultimatley finds her own way back on track (in other words, is not saved by some guy). Because the book is set in New York with a mommy theme The Playgroup is compared to The Nanny Diaries in several reviews. I don’t see it. Spencer is clearly a mature writer dealing realistically (and hilariously) with issues that mothers (and adult daughters) are confronted with everyday. This is a book that is a great beach read and makes you think as well. Buy 2; one for you and one for your mom or best friend. (Oh, and don’t forget to read the sexy parts aloud to your mate!)


starstarstarstarstarMind Blowing

This book was amazing it grab my attention with the first sentence from there I was trapped. I couldn’t put the book down and every chance I got I was reading. I am 25 far from a mother and not even married and this book kept me on my toes waiting to see what will happen next. It puts out there that these “stay at home” Moms have alot of spunk and want to have fun just as much as I do. In all Nelsie Spencer first novel was a hit in my books and I would love to read the sequel to this book or any other novel she plans to write.

starstarstarstarstar LOL funny

Started out thinking it was merely a funny and clever treatment of East Side vs West Side cultural norms with some gratuitous sex thrown in. But then it got deeper and more complex and tragic (while still being LOL funny). How did this not become a best seller? How did this not become the first in a successful Playgroup series?? Anyway, I don’t read much fiction, let alone chick lit, but it was a terrific read.

starstarstarstarstar Nelsie Spencer hits a home run with The Playgroup

From start to finish, Nelsie Spencer hits a home run with The Playgroup. The story surprises, the characters are fresh and the locale makes an inviting backdrop. Highly recommended.

starstarstarstarstar I loved this book too!

Not only did it turn out to be a different kind of read than I thought it would, but it ended even better!!! IT IS GREAT!!

starstarstarstarstar Laugh out loud read!

This is the first book in along time that I actually laughed out loud while reading. It was great and always a page turner !!!

starstarstarstarstar Much better than other “mommie” novels…

I wasn’t surprised that The Playgroup was funny and sexy… but I was surprised that it also dared to explore much more interesting questions than other “light read” Nanny Diaries-style novels. Even as it made me laugh out loud, The Playgroup brought out deeper and sometimes sadder issues for its mommy-protagonist… addressing difficulties I think will be familiar to any modern urban woman: How do we reconcile our “hip” exterior vision of ourselves with our fragile inner search for identity and love? The review from Ashland is so right… this book will easily make a great movie!

starstarstarstarstar A great book, hilarious

on March 20, 2017
A great book, hilarious! The characters are realistic, everyday people you meet in the city. Ellie… (more)