Valley Inn

Romance, Rodeo, Humity, Mosquitos and – yes — Love!

Valley Inn has it all! Inspired by true events and set in the real-life town of Hindsville, Arkansas and centered around the real-life local restaurant of Valley Inn, is more than a quirky indie film, it’s a love letter to small town America.

Kim Swink (writer, producer and director) asked me in 2009 to come aboard to co-write this wonderful story!  Thanks Kim!

Shooting Valley Inn during July of 2013 in Northwest Arkansas were some of the best and worst days of my life. Hot, humid, exhausting, hectic and unblievably INSPIRING.

And when all was said and done, we ended up with one sweet, funny and amazing movie.  

Half Column
Half Column
I’m proud to have been a part of it.
valley inn poster #2
Here’s what a few audience members from some of the festivals had to say about Valley Inn…

Valley Inn is a magical movie. That is the only word that I can use to describe it – Magical!” — Kirk Gilliam

“I’m not the kind of guy who would’ve gone to see a movie about a young woman who ends up selling Christian books door-to-door in a tiny town in Arkansas. But Valley Inn is smart and funny and quirky, and gives us a peek into a world that most of us know nothing about.” — Jeff Brandt

“I loved the story, the characters, the acting, the editing, the direction – everything! The director’s ability to weave so many storylines together and keep us on board and have it all make sense in the end is amazing. I loved, loved, loved Valley Inn!”       – Kate Long

Valley Inn reminds me of Tender Mercies in its depiction of small town life and a group of people that we have never seen before but instantly fall in love with. And the music! The soundtrack so perfectly and beautifully accompanies the story that it almost feels like another character in the film.” – Roger Mexico


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