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Do you dream of finishing (or beginning) your novel/memoir/screenplay, etc.? Do you tell yourself you’ll begin a rigorous daily writing schedule tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes? Are you afraid you’re just a dreamer and the stories your burning to tell will never get told? Do you wish you had someone to get you writing and keep you writing? one to encourage you, guide you, but never shame you? Does all this sound crazy? Out of reach financially?

Well, it’s not!


With The VWC you’ll get:

Support, Community and Inspiration!

  • A one-time welcome 20 minute phone call with me to create a customized Writing Plan
  • Nightly email check-in with me, where you commit when and for how long you plan to write the following day
  • A daily “Bookend” with me via text when you sit down to write and another text to me when you’re finished with your writing commitment
  • Weekly inspirational email from me to keep you going and inspired
  • A 10 minute weekly check-in to see how you’re doing with you goals, address any issues and to perhaps tweak your writing plan
  • All this for as little as $19.99 a month
  • 3, 6 and 12 month plans available