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.If you have a story that you're dying to tell, I believe there's someone out there that's dying to hear it." -- Nelsie


Become a successful writer by
getting out of your own way.

I give you the tools, techniques
and support you need
to get you writing,
improve your writing and,
most importantly,
FINISH what you've started!

Onstage in NYC performing my Solo Show -

Day of the Dead Daddy.

June 1st 2024

Nelsie helped me understand what I personally need for scheduling and consistency.

She was collaborative and supportive when I experimented with different ways of developing

my writing practice and my biggest cheerleader once I consistently found a way that works for me!

Her open-mindedness and faith in my process has been the most powerful boost for me.

When I find myself shutting down or feeling like, "What's the point?" she shows me the value of my creative approach... and  holds the faith that keeps me moving!

Julie D. Novelist

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