"I’m thrilled to be working with Nelsie Spencer. She’s a generous reader with a keen eye for detail and nuance. She has given me invaluable insights that have made my writing more interesting, more thought-provoking, and I think more fun to read. I’m loving the process and would highly recommend working with her!"
-- Naghmeh Shirkhan, May 2020

"When I started my novel I was lost on how to proceed. The first chapter had been on my computer for well over a year … I was stuck! Nelsie got me unstuck after the first session! Working with her for a few months has made me a better writer and I finished the first draft of my novel in less than a year! She's encouraging and straightforward. Nelsie is meant to do this and she's spectacular at guiding writers!" 
-- Deborah Gold, Novelist, July 2020

"Nelsie really invests herself in my work and understands what I'm trying to accomplish better than any other mentor I've worked with.  She is incredibly supportive, digs deep, and has fantastic suggestions that help me create a better product.  I'm so glad I found her!"       
-- Sue Huggans, Playwriting Private Student

"In virtual coaching, her kindness and authentic engagement are unparalleled. If you have an idea, a project, or even just a desire to write, Nelsie’s clarity and warmth will support you in ways you cannot predict."
-- Julie D., December 2020

"You were the first writing coach that I reached out to and connected with. It is very clear that you know what you're talking about. Very engaging and supportive. And extremely helpful!" 
-- Jasmine Davis, Novelist and Private Client, April 2020

"Before I started working with Nelsie, progress on my memoir had slowed to a crawl.  When we discussed what I’d written so far, her insightful comments and unmistakable enthusiasm immediately rekindled my own excitement for the story. Nelsie continually encourages me to dig deeper - to be funnier, more honest, and visceral - while at the same time never letting me lose sight of the story’s main theme.  She’s helped me take my writing, and how I approach it, to a whole new level; I’m now producing more pages - of much higher quality - every week. If it weren’t for Nelsie, my memoir may well have been put in a drawer to collect dust.  Fortunately for me, I now have a great partner in moving it forward."
-- Jen Smith, May 2020

"Like the best coaches, Nelsie is encouraging and supportive, but also tells you what you need to hear in order to become a better writer. For those that aren't great with deadlines (who is?), Nelsie keeps you on track and helps you move forward while being patient and giving you the space you need.  Nelsie is a connoisseur of humor and will help you find opportunities for humor in places you never imagined."
-- Duvi Stahler, Solo Show Private Client, June 2018

"I truly appreciate all the support you've given my project. All the work I have done with you has been so beneficial and I couldn't have gotten to this point without you. Your ability to connect with me and see value in my process is something for which I'm beyond grateful. The time and lessons shared will carry me forward.”
-- Natalie Johnson, Solo Show Private Client and Author, June 2017

"Nelsie critiqued my work so intricately and with insightful comments on each sentence, paragraph, and overall concept.  She made me feel so comfortable with revealing my creative self to her and most importantly, not being afraid of putting the “real me” on the page. All of her suggestions were dead on and actually inspired me to dive into the next chapters. I am very excited to work with her and definitely believe she'll be a positive, integral force regarding the assured success of my novel."
-- Jeanne  Souders, Novelist, and Journalist, Nola Woman