“Nelsie's Round Table was the ONLY way my book could have been written. My book idea had been swirling in my head for years until I met Nelsie.  Nelsie and The Round Table group forced me (in only positive ways) to produce pages each week. It kept me on task and helped me to become a better writer. I went from doubtful to determined, from fear to the finish line. Thank you, Nelsie Spencer!”
-- Amy

“The Round Table brings together a great group of writers.  Nelsie hosts like Dorothy Parker must have reigned at the original Round Table — with great humor.  Hearing other writer’s voices on a regular basis helps me develop and strengthen my own voice.  The two-week time frame gives me time to work and edit and push along my story.” 
-- Sheila Kehoe, Novelist, February 2021

"Nelsie is insightful and inspirational! Working with her has helped me to develop some structure and some work habits -- and to think more deeply about the project. I feel that the dusty pile of papers on my desk into a living, breathing part of my life and I know that something will emerge. Thank you, Nelsie!" 
-- Faye Schneier, Playwright

"Nelsie is an amazing writing coach. Words can't truly explain how much she has helped me, but I'll try... I am a very new writer, and was nervous prior to our first session. That wore off after talking with her for two minutes. She is honest, encouraging and beyond inspirational.  I can't believe how much she has taught me so far. She "gets" me, my humor, and knows exactly what to say to convey her points.  She knew from day one the direction I wanted to take with my memoir, and she is helping me do exactly that... guiding me along this journey. And I am having so much fun!  She has taught me how to improve my writing and bring who I am - my 'voice' -  to the page. I have learned more from Nelsie in a short period of time than I ever imagined possible. After only one session I was so excited that I rewrote a chapter and then asked my best friend to re-read it. Here's what she told me: ‘It’s like night and day. One hundred times better. I didn't want to put in down. Your writing coach is awesome!’" 
-- Jennifer Bailey, Memoirist

“There are so many reasons not to pursue your dreams —especially after you've tried and failed. But if you want to believe in yourself again, believe in your capacity to write that dream manuscript, you need to take this class. Nelsie's Round Table is a powerful tool of personal enlightenment. It is a positive group of people that are there to inspire you to be the writer that you believe in your heart that you can be.”
-- Claude-Robert Policart, Sci Fi Novelist and Artist

"Nelsie, I will never be able to thank you enough, You have taught me so well. If my story has excitement, if Valerie sounds like a real girl, if my language isn't clunky.... it's due largely to your smart input and consistent encouragement."
-- Beth Grossman, Author, The Light Behind the Clouds

“I've been well guided, deftly steered away from bad habits (like procrastination -- she really manages that one) and given a mother lode of sharp insights. Her help has been invaluable.”  
- - Paula Evans, Screenwriter