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The Sessions

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The Joyful Writer Method's 12-Sessions

TJWM's core element is the 12 online video sessions. Each session can be bought separately, however, sessions 1 thru 12 build on each other. To get the most out of this program, I recommend doing them all,(and in order.


If you purchase all 12 sessions, you will also receive The Joyful Writer Method Workbook and get an entire year of weekly LIVE Zoom check-ins with me and TJWM community,  at an amazing price.  (Payment plans are available.)


Below is a breakdown of each session/video lesson:  

Session 1 - Intro to TJWM & Creating a Schedule: My Story, Elements of Success, Uncovering False Beliefs, Writing Schedules and more. 


Session  2 - What Happen in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness: Goals & deadlines. A PDF of the Goals Pages, "Creating Compelling Characters" (worksheet included).

Session  3 - No More Devil on You shoulder: Reframing negative self-talk, the power of appreciation, why writing matter, story vs. plot and much more.

Session  4 - Intro to TJWM -

Session  5 - Intro to TJWM -


Session  6 - Intro to TJWM -

Session  7 - Intro to TJWM -

Session  8 - Intro to TJWM -

Week 9 - Intro to TJWM -


Session  10 - Intro to TJWM -

Session  11 - Intro to TJWM -

Session  12 - Intro to TJWM -

Heading 4



and a gift from me

Three Payment plans available
Keeps the Early Bird Price available till 10/15/23

Thank you, Nelsie Spencer for The Joyful Writing Method.  I am already sifting through my notes, realizing just how much information and inspiration you have shared.  When I began this journey with you, I did not have expectations. 

I approached it with curiosity, ready to absorb what I might. 

Twelve sessions later, I am astounded by how easily you moved me

from a place of neutrality to an actual need to write every day.  I know I’m not the first to say how contagious your positive approach to writing (and life) is.

If I feel stuck, I can see Nelsie’s smile, saying “What if Shakespeare only journaled?” 

-- Robin Perry

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