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Losing It!

with Nelsie Spencer

a podcast


Life lessons from some of my favorite losers!

The show is funny, wildly irreverent, mixed with heart, and some self-help thrown in.

It’s part interview part storytelling.


Each week I hang out with my guest – actors, comics, film directors, writers, etc. - for a bit. 

We get to know each other a little.

And then it’s time for the “losing it”  story!

(their hair, a wedding ring, a parent, their serotonin, whatever)

It might be a “good” Losing It story (“I lost 100 pounds!”)

or a “bad” Losing It story (“I lost 100 lbs. because of cocaine that belonged to the mob!”).

In either case, there’s usually a lesson learned.


And, with me in charge there’s also quite a few laughs!

Storytelling and laughter are two of my favorite survival skills.

Sharing my stories, struggles and traumas with a friend, therapist, or an audience

has saved my life in many ways.


As a "mature" woman who’s survived a not-so-perfect childhood and is on a life-long quest to find happiness and fulfillment, I have some pretty wild stories of my own

(and some wisdom to share as well).


Through Losing It! I want to share all that I’ve learned so far,

keep learning from my amazing guests,

and make people laugh in the process.

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