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The Basics

Oct. 1st, 2023

The Basics Explained

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The Joyful Writer Method's 12-Sessions

TJWM's core element is the 12 sessions, all available once you begin the program. You can do them as quickly or slowly as you wish. To get the most out of TJWM, I recommend spending a week on each session and doing them in order. But it's up to you. They are...

  • 12 carefully crafted sessions – each one building on the last, and...

  • Helping the writer uncover the hidden blocks that keep you from succeeding, providing...

  • Tools and techniques for creating and sticking to a DOABLE writing schedule.

  • Tools and tips for beating procrastination, negative self talk and false beliefs about writing, creating...

  • A holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of writing, most importantly...

  • The writer’s conscious and unconscious relationship with their writing, which is most often what’s holding them back.

Each week/session will have...

  • lecture regarding different aspects of writing.

  • At least 1 writing prompt or exercise related to the topic. 

  • A lecture and/or and exercise to identify your blocks.

  • A homework assignment to strengthen and improve your writing, and...

  • Transform your relationship to your writing.

The Joyful Writer Method's Writing Circle

How do we get better, perfect our craft and finish our writing? By writing! That's why I created the Writer's circle, which provides community and some accountability. The Writer's Circle is 

designated writing time in a virtual room where you can sit quietly with other joyful writers and write!

  • 6 1-hour Writing Circle sessions every week via Zoom. (72 structured writing hours!)


The Joyful Writer Method's Facebook Group

 The Facebook Group provides another place for community, where you can...

  • Network.

  • Find members to create a mastermind group.

  • Ask me, or the group any questions you might have 24/7.

  • Share resources and knowledge.

  • Celebrate wins!


A Year of Weekly Live Joyful Writer Q&A Zoom Sessions

Every week for an entire year you'll have the weekly Q&A Zoom Meeting -- LIVE! Where you can...

  • Get my input regarding any issues you might have encountered.

  • Ask me any questions you might have.

  • Find accountability partners.

  • Connect with other writers.

  • Share your wins!

Want more info?

Click below to watch my video/webinar for a more comprehensive overview of 

The Joyful Writer Method.

Watch till the end to get...

'7-Steps to Creating a Workable, Doable & Customize Writing Schedule'




and a gift from me

Three Payment plans available
Keeps the Early Bird Price available till 10/15/23

Thank you, Nelsie Spencer for The Joyful Writing Method.  I am already sifting through my notes, realizing just how much information and inspiration you have shared.  When I began this journey with you, I did not have expectations. 

I approached it with curiosity, ready to absorb what I might. 

Twelve sessions later, I am astounded by how easily you moved me

from a place of neutrality to an actual need to write every day.  I know I’m not the first to say how contagious your positive approach to writing (and life) is.

If I feel stuck, I can see Nelsie’s smile, saying “What if Shakespeare only journaled?” 

-- Robin Perry

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