The Joyful Writer Method

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The Joyful Writer Method.png

holistic approach to writing
designed to
unearth your writing blocks,

transforming your
relationship to your writing
and supercharge

your results!

 What's THE MOST IMPORTANT THING a writer MUST DO to be successful?


Let's face it, it doesn't matter what an amazing writer you are,

or how wonderful your stories are, if you're not...

  • Writing consistently 

  • Perfecting your writing, and

  • Finishing what you've started


After 35+ years  as a professional writer, and16 years as a writing teacher and coach, I've discovered the #1 obstacle that keeps the writer from success…


The Joyful Writer Method is a 12-part online course designed to get the writer


The JWM will give you proven techniques get you writing, keep you writing

and make sure you

FINISH your memoir, novel, screenplay, etc. 

In the end, creating a SUCCESSFUL and JOYFUL writer.


"I’m thrilled to be working with Nelsie Spencer.

She’s a generous reader with a keen eye for detail and nuance.

She has given me invaluable insights that have made my writing more interesting,

more thought-provoking, and I think more fun to read.

I’m loving the process and would highly recommend working with her!"
-- Naghmeh Shirkhan