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The Joyful Writer is a weekly lecture and Q&A series with a holistic approach to the writer and writing.



JULY 11 to AUGUST 22




The Joyful Writer will get the writer writing (or back to writing) and make sure the writer FINISHES their book, memoir, novel, screenplay, etc. 

After 35+ years of facing the blank page myself as a professional writer, and 16 years of working with thousands of writers as a teacher and coach, I've discovered…
The #1 obstacle that stops the writer from writing
The #1 issue that keeps the writer from finishing
The #1 problem that keeps the writer from doing what they love to do
What is this obstacle, issue, and problem?

I’ve created The Joyful Writer to support the writer holistically, thus creating a SUCCESSFUL and JOYFUL writer.


Each week, I’ll focus on some aspect of these three ESSENTIAL elements: 

- Craft (story, tension, structure, character, etc.)
- Logistics (deadlines, setting up your writing space, schedules, etc.) 
- Relationship/Attitude (unearth why you aren’t writing, learn how to get writing and keep writing, learn how to change your relationship to your writing) 

Additionally, The Joyful Writer is where you’ll find…
- Community
- Inspiration
- Fun
And get valuable…
- Lessons
- Tools & Tips 
- My personal insights and experience spanning over three decades

- Access to the video and audio of the class in my private The Joyful Writer Patreon page

Every week, via Zoom, I’ll answer your questions regarding ALL ASPECTS of writing, the business of writing and the writing process.

But what makes The Joyful Writer unique is that every week, throughout the year-long series, we’ll examine all the ways that we keep ourselves from our stories that we are dying to tell.


I’ll provide tools and techniques to help you overcome these habits and limiting beliefs, and thus lead you back to your writing and to your…


"I’m thrilled to be working with Nelsie Spencer. She’s a generous reader with a keen eye for detail and nuance. She has given me invaluable insights that have made my writing more interesting, more thought-provoking, and I think more fun to read. I’m loving the process and would highly recommend working with her!"
Naghmeh Shirkhan, May 2020