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Virtual  Writing Coach

Image by Tom Rogerson


Through VWC you get personal 
that keeps you writing, and on track.
And it's affordable!

One of my biggest joys in life is helping writers achieve their goals!

That's why I created VWC:

Comprehensive and affordable personal coaching.

For about $2 a day I can help you tell the stories you're dying to tell,

create a schedule, tackle your procrastination.

I'll encourage you, guide you, but never shame you?

You get:

A one-time 20-minute welcome phone call with me to

create a customized writing plan


A daily Bookend with me via text

What is a Bookend?

When you sit down to write, you text me,

then another text me again when you’re finished writing.

A 10-minute weekly check-in

to see how your doing with your goals, your schedule and to

address any issues

[Nelsie's] kindness and authentic engagement is unparalleled.

If you have an idea, a project, or even just a desire to write, her clarity and warmth will support you in ways you cannot predict.

-- Julie D. 

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