by Industry Insiders

Image by Thea Hdc

Do you have a screenplay, pilot script or TV Series Pitch that you think is good but aren’t sure?
Maybe you know it’s close but you’re not sure what’s missing? 

Thanks to decades in the business of show, I have access to a few people who are currently inside Hollywood working for large studios, productions companies, in the writers’ room for current TV shows or working for high-level talent agencies. My insiders are currently reading and giving coverage on scripts, TV pilots, and TV pitches as part of their job.

These people would love to offer their insights and experience to help you get your screenplay/script to the next level. 

They will provide comprehensive feedback and analysis regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your writing in terms of plot, voice, character development and arc, tension, AND MORE!

In addition, the insider can give you current or past “comps” (similar movies or TV shows) as a point of reference to help clarify when your script is working or not working, and why. These “comps” give you real-life examples of how to get your screenplay/script to the next level.

"Nelsie is such an inspiration. She has this magical ability to stir up the writer inside us all, and breathe life back into our stories. After just one session, I was so inspired, I immediately wanted to jump back into writing a story that had long since felt inspirationally dead to me. Now. I am on the verge of making the script into a short film." 

-- Angela Morse, Screenwriter/Filmmaker