"... a HUGE thank you for a fun couple of weeks.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from an intensive course... While a little intimidated at first… I leave the class with so much more confidence in my work/style. And inspired to write... Only regret… that the class is over so quickly. THANK YOU!"
-- Jill Harrington, October 2020

"One of the main things that set you apart as a teacher is that you don’t lecture...your technique is more “throw us in the pool so we know what the water feels like” and then you guide & coach from there.  I think people loved sharing their work and getting the feedback which was helpful because we each had such a different voice and your comments were tailored accordingly. By the end, you could see everyone had become so comfortable sharing and loved learning from feedback. For me personally, and as a fellow former actor, I enjoyed your background in this art because you can bring stories to life quickly and you showcased what it looks like to have a vast imagination.  IE This female character needs three characteristics- tall, brunette, wearing glasses is great but then you add she’s a ballet dancer or a drunk or both- boom, a story is born!  That was how I saw your method, very creative & imaginative. Last, I’d say you’re a genuinely positive person which gives you a good technique in the critique.  You’re never going to tear anyone down. You see everything as good or really good but either way, you use it as their foundation to build up.  You never acted like a “know-it-all” or as if you were “better than” anyone as many teachers/instructors I’ve seen/had throughout my life.  You teach like a coach and for me, it was brilliant."
-- Kate Rose,  Fiction Class, 2018

"My favorite quote from [Nelsie] was about finding our voices, and you said something [like], “Louie CK can’t be Carmen Lundell and Carmen Lundell can’t be Louie CK”. As an instructor, you are so good at affirming that everyone is unique and has something to share with the world."
-- Carmen Lundell,  Humor Writing Class, August 2017

"Nelsie provides a safe writing & sharing space that encouraged me as a burgeoning writer to be vulnerable through her humor, kindness, ability to relate to her students, and her insight. She helps you parse through your material and find the heartbeat, Through her classes and feedback, you can tell she cares about you and your growth. By selecting Nelsie as a writing coach, you’re electing someone who will make you laugh while being encouraging and helping you tailor your voice. Whenever I become doubtful of my writing, I remind myself of some advice Nelsie gave our Humor Writing class... “even though people may have told a similar story before, no one is going to tell it as I will” and it’s a truism that I carry with me every day!!!"
-- Raquelle Garcete, Humor Writing Class, September, 2017

"What attracted me [to Nelsie] is that she is] a female comedian with a proven track record- she's published a book, written and produced a play, and written and produced a movie. [Nelsie is] personable, and she feels like someone I could go to for both personal and professional advice. Writing is like therapy so in some ways [she is] a facilitator of this therapy."  
-- Lindsey Williams, Humor Writing Class, February 2019 

"You have a real talent for helping your students mine the nuggets in their writing so they can find what works, what can be extended, and what should be excluded. You're really good at creating a nurturing environment for writers so they feel safe enough to try new techniques or reveal personal information. And I really like that you encourage your students to try different styles of writing and to watch and read different presentations of humor. Your style of teaching is perfect for students learning to write humor pieces whether for publication or performance." 
-- Belinda Walker , Humor Writing Class, July 2019

"You are different from other writing teachers that I have had in the past because you don't say no to your students. You believe that anything can be written and that anything can be written well. Most teachers impose their tastes and styles on their students without realizing it. You are always on board with your students. You are supportive, open-minded, and progressive while still maintaining an expectation of plain ol' damn good writing! I wanted to stay in your class because of this. Because you didn't make my writing feel like a chore or like I ever did a bummer job. That encouragement is rare in a world where everyone thinks they know best. I have learned from you that I can write and that hey, I even want to."
-- Anna Weintraub, Humor Writing Class

"You made me trust you. Which is not an easy thing to do. Every time, you made me feel relaxed, 

and I couldn't wait to come back next week. We always laughed so hard, it felt extraordinary, beautiful.  

Week after week, I wrote a homework piece or something for a booth, but my writing still felt stiff. Was it funny? Maybe. But I was afraid to open up, because whatever wounds I had kept prohibiting trusting. And I kept writing about neutral, safe topics. And then something amazing happened. I started thawing, for a lack of a better word. I couldn't believe myself when I wrote a story about my breakup with Michael--a sad story that I would never think of writing as a comedy piece. But I trusted you. I trusted that you wouldn't make fun of me; I knew you'd understand, support, and advise me. I needed to tell that story to someone but was afraid to appear weak. But in your class, I felt confident. I thought I sounded very naive in my story and kinda felt sorry for myself. And while I tried to stay strong, inside I felt like crying, when you took off your glasses and told me that, in that story, you saw a strong person not a weak one--who's been through so much, and that you saw the real me, my soul; that I'm not that boy anymore who was in pain, but rather a grown man who is great, and generous, and amazing. And I started thinking about it like, "Yes, I have been through a lot! I'm not there anymore. Why am I suffering? Why do I live in the past?" I believe in therapy it's called a breakthrough. Since then, I'm able to look at the past as the past, just a lesson, not a reason to suffer. I was able to break through a barrier, through depression or whatever was holding me back that made me insecure. That class almost literally saved my life. I learned so much about myself, mainly that I do love writing! And … whether it's good or bad, that's the outlet I should be using for my creativity."
-- Humor Writing Class Student

"Nelsie is not just a teacher or comic. She's your friend, confidant, and therapist as well. For many writers, and for me in particular, writing is very personal and to trust your writing to someone is a big step in moving forward. In a 10-week course with Nelsie I learned the basics of humor writing in a straightforward, fun way, where we read, analyzed, and critiqued paragraphs, trying to understand what makes certain pieces funny and some not. And what a fun course that was! Nelsie makes you forget you're taking a class, and instead it's like you're hanging out with your friends. Her laugh is contagious, and her sense of humor varies from absurdist (what I like), to David Sedaris's sophisticated. And that's important because it makes her unbiased. Other teachers that I've known would say something like, "I prefer this kind of writing." And you feel the need to please your teacher to get attention. Not with Nelsie. She knows humor; she knows it takes all kinds, that we're all different, and she treated us equally. She was attentive to everyone without playing favorites. So, all of us felt like little stars and were shining one time or another. Nelsie is not afraid to dig deeper or gently push you forward, and that's how Nelsie helped me overcome some of the biggest obstacles in my writing by providing quality feedback. Her strength is in giving proper advice; she's like a white Oprah, if you will. It is worth repeating: Not the advice you think you wanna hear (or maybe you do), but the advice you need to hear--an important distinction. I don't know if it comes naturally to her or whether after the years in the business she has an eye for it. Nelsie takes her time to understand you and gives you feedback based on your needs, not hers. Her invaluable advice helped me elevate my writing to a new level."

-- Jeremy Taylor,  Humor Writing Class, November 2018 

“The biggest thing I walked away with is a deeper appreciation of the potency and incredible strength inherent in each of our own stories. The sense of community in the class was truly special. I could not have envisioned a more supportive environment to explore my own voice and what I have to say.”

- - Alex Birnie, Actor, Singer

"It was a total gift in my life to have met Nelsie. Her workshop was a phenomenal experience. She is shrewd, delightful and compassionate. She is able to get inside the performer and sense what the story is that they want to tell, and she knows how to support your delivery of that story. ...Nelsie was able to embrace exactly who I am. The work was very fulfilling and empowering. I loved the whole experience! I'm never going to stop!"

- - Wendy  Luck, Performer, Musician

"What can I tell you about Nelsie? She's wonderful! The class -- fantastic! I came to the class [the writing workshop for actors] on a whim because the only writing I'd ever done before was poetry.  Nelsie showed me, in a very gently way, how I was removed from my writing. Each week she guided me in many different ways, towards writing in m own voice; writing the way I talk. Nelsie gave me the gift to write, and it is a true blessing!"

-- Carolyn Mignini, Actor and Writer

 "I had never done anything like Nelsie's workshop before in my life. And the whole experience was transformative. And listening to other class members' lives and their stories was transcendent. Nelsie just has a real gift for pulling out your authentic self, who you really are, and bringing out your story into a very clear picture so that others can learn from it, learn from your journey. I would highly recommend anyone taking Nelsie's workshop.  I learned a lot and I had a really great time!"

-- Stephanie McKay, Singer, Songwriter and Writer

"If anyone is considering writing a solo show, and even if you don't really know what you want to say in it, Nelsie is you gal!  People came to the class with just a tiny kernel of something and over the weeks developed it into something viable. She just has such a gift. I have a show that I've done, that I was completely reworking, and she took me to areas that I NEVER could've gone to on my own.  If you're thinking about it -- just jump in!" 

- - Mary McDonald Hamill, Actor, Writer