Day of the Dead Daddy is the story of me and my siblings traveling to a tiny, remote town in the high desert of Mexico to bury our dead father.

(We tried to bury him while he was alive, but he would have none of it.)

In this funny, heartbreaking, and (swear-to-God) true story, I take the audience on a journey that spans six decades.

While playing more than 7 characters and revealing some family secrets along the way.

"Diabolically entertaining!"

-- Bobby Longbottom

"AH-mazing! Brave and funny. My jaw was on my chest … honestly, it takes a special, talented, unique writer to make a funny story out of [family trauma] I mean it, truly. Well done!"

-- Kelly Caldwell

"Ms. Spencer takes us on her unique spiritual journey. An energetic performance done with grace, wit, and daring.  Ms. Spencer goes where few women have gone before.”

-- Anthony Orrichio

"LOVED it! Utterly engaging!”

-- Gus Birnie     

"Funny and heartbreaking."

-- Barbara Suter

“ important and heartfelt narrative that grabs you by the wrist and takes you on the most parabolic, shocking, but ultimately cathartic and exhilarating ride you could ask for." 

-- Declan Masterson