Novel & Memoir Writing: 1st Draft

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10 Weeks
with 90+ minutes
of dedicated writing
time every week, to
move you forward QUICKLY
on your novel
or memoir.

FALL TERM Sept. 8th to Nov. 10th

Thursdays 6pm - 9pm ET

via Zoom

(still some seats left, joining late is ok)

Imagine how far along you'd be on your book

after10 weeks of lecture, support, accountability and

in-class writing time!

 Designed for writers committed to working on and finishing a

1st or 2nd draft of a novel or a memoir.

Members commit to a weekly goal regarding page or word count, or a minimum of time they will devote to their writing.

Each week writers check in with their “wins” and any struggles or

roadblocks they might be encountering.

We address any concerns and provide brainstorming & solutions.

Weekly lectures address topics ranging from structure

to dialogue, to rewrites and more. Often the topic is inspired by

an issue or struggle a writer is facing. 

The 90+ minutes of writing time ensures everyone leaves each class with some solid writing, and plenty of support and inspiration under their belts.

"When I started my novel I was lost on how to proceed. The first chapter had been in my computer

for well over a year … I was stuck! Nelsie got me unstuck after the first session!

Working with her for a few months has made me a better writer and I finished the first draft

of my novel in less than a year! She's encouraging  and straight forward.

Nelsie is meant to do this... she's spectacular at guiding writers!"

-- Deborah Gold, Novelist, July 2020