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Working from Home


Need to jumpstart your screenplay?

Join my 2-day Screenwriting Intensive Class
via Zoom

Coming in the Fall

Dates TBD

As an award-winning screenwriter (Valley Inn, 2015),

I will walk you through the process of creating

a well-crafted and compelling screenplay.

I was involved in the creation of

Valley Inn (the award-winning indie film I co-wrote)

from inception to being on the "red carpet" at the world premiere

and several film festivals.

Not to mention several spec scripts and a TV pilot


Bring your notebook, and/or your computer/laptop/tablet

and all your enthusiasm and fears and questions!


I want to share all I've learned along the way with you and get you writing with confidence! 


Screenwriting Format and Structure
Story Structure
Creating and Sustaining Tension


Writing Exercises
Writing 3-Dimensional Characters
Writing Realistic Dialogue



“I’m a musician, damn it, not a writer! But Nelsie showed me that maybe I can write. She’s an incredibly intuitive, interested, and most importantly, inspiring teacher.”

-- Scott Healy, Musician (Basic Cable Band, Conan),

Grammy Nominee & Screenwriter

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